A.L.B.E.R.T. (the awareness lab's big enlightenment realization technology)  is A sincere and cautionary exploration of a future of AI immersive biofeedback assisted learning. As a functioning prototype, It uses multi-modal bio-sensing and feedback, real-time algorithmic cognitive assessment, generative visual environments, and participant specific learning. The visual environment, UI, mental maps, and auditory feedback all reinforce user learning. However, the AI machine intelligence Guru and its human assisted training data are obfuscated behind its charming, friendly, personified nature. In this video, it is observable the interaction between A.L.B.E.R.T. and a participant. When their focus stays within what the algorithm has been coded to know as optimal, the fractal continues to expand in scale encompassing the user and furthering their immersion. When their attention wanes, the fractal contracts and moves further from the user’s field of view.

The experience is narrative, experiential, generative, and responsive to the participants biorhythms determining attention. The environment, UI, mental maps, and guided feedback provided by an artificial intelligence Large language model trained on secular mindfulness, all modify based on targets defined the lab and the hardware.
This emergent and advanced technology may be crude compared to the elegance of thousands of years of tradition, tools, and technique from qualified teachers. Yet the ambition and possibilities may be the same; help someone discover themselves, train their attention, and explore their ontology through instruction, interpretation, and feedback. this platform (and others emerging like it) UTILIZE A media environment WHICH is generating itself based on the internal and external states of the participant, thereby potentially illuminating unique for growth in the field of mindfulness or other contemplative modalities.
Jesse Reding Fleming: director / Lead
Shane Bolan: Technical Director + Game Engine Developer
Trystan Nord: Game Engine Developer + sound design
Max Urbany: machine learning + artificial intelligence design and development
Mohammad Rashedul Hasan: UNL Ai expert / Assistant Professor Electrical and COmputer engineering
Ahatsham Fnu: UNL Graduate Reseach Assistant Electrical and COmputer engineering
Jay Kreimer: Composer / Sound Design
Maital Neta: UNL cognitive scientist / Associate Professor of Psychology
Mike Dodd: UNL cognitive scientist / Professor of Psychology
HP Educause / HP Omnicept: Equipment Sponsor
Funded by the university of Nebraska's Office of research and economic development (ORED) and the Awareness Lab (tAL)