The Awareness Lab is part of the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a land-grant institution with campuses and programs on the past, present, and future homelands of the Dakota, Lakota, Hinono’eino, Juwere and Nutachi, Kaw, Pawnee, Usni Ponca, Umo ho, and Tsitsistas Peoples, as well as those of the relocated Ho-Chunk, Nemahahki, and Baxoje Peoples.
Current Collaborators:
Director / Facilitator: Jesse Reding Fleming
Lab Manager: Mackayla Kelsey
Technical Director: Shane Bolan
Quantum Physicist / Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy: Kees Uiterwaal
Quantum Physicist / Professor of Physics and Astronomy: Herman Batelaan
Artificial Intelligence / Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer engineering: Mohammad Rashedul Hasan
Graduate Research Assistant Electrical and Computer engineering: Ahatsham Fnu
Cognitive scientist / Associate Professor of Psychology: Maital Neta
Cognitive scientist / Professor of Psychology: Mike Dodd
Embodied Media: Assistant Professor, Middlebury College: Laurel Jenkins
Composer / Musician: Lewis Pesacov
Game Engine Developer: Trystan Nord
Machine learning and AI: Max Urbany
Architecture: Grant Wolf
Research Assistants: Xander Muniz, Marley Hewitt, Michael Ryan
Composer in residence:
Jay Kreimer
Collaborator Archive
Ebben Blake
Miguel Alejandro Castillo
Jinku Kim
Cláudio Medeiros
Josiah Morgan

Jeff O'Brien
Maricel Reinhard
Sabrina Sommer
Sean Strough
devika v. wickremesinghe