The Cloud of Probabilities is a multi-person, mixed realityexperience that seeks to make Quantum Physics embodied andapproachable, while holding the uncertain ground betweenphysics and the spiritual - exploring how the quantum realm may relate to the nature of being as an entangled, interdependent arising. 
Quantum science, through its material lens has been able to verify the determination of reality by observation, yet what happens before observation, where all phenomena is born from and returns to, is still unknowable to the field. While quantum science appears novel and cutting edge, the Cloud of Probabilities asks if Quantum Science and its findings could be a rediscovery of contemplative insights over millennia. As a team of artists working with scientists, the Awareness Lab is therefore positioned to explore this space with unrestrained outcomes - both evidence based and creative speculation.
Cloud of Probibilities is part of a University of Nebraska Grand Challenges Grant and collaboration between the Awareness Lab and the department of physics at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. It builds upon previous tAL projects and learnings from Quantum Sight and The Wilds  and will become a location-based mixed reality experience, blending physical and digital realities in a constructed environment.
We are very, very thrilled about unveiling this one in Summer of 2024.