In testing, we realized this experience exposed that when we are focused on internal visual thinking, the muscles in our eyes paralyze. We thought this was a brilliant discovery and aligned with the design methodology of tAL. This app tracks and sonifies the movement of your eyes, alerting you to conscious and unconscious perception. If you keep your eyes fixated and perfectly straight ahead of you, the hologram will not change. 
However, if you deviate and look to the left or right, the hologram will turn red. if you look up or down your vision will turn green. If you move at a diagonal, you will receive that color blend. In addition, any movement in your eyes will also trigger a sound cue that will fade if you keep your eyes still. 
tAL creates perceptual technology to define a unique design methodology. This methodology is intended as a step system which bring a participant into embodiment through their senses, present awareness through their embodiment, and first person witnessing of their sense experience leading to insight, and eventually, the awareness of their awareness.

the Awareness Lab (tAL) Artist / Researcher / Director: Jesse Reding Fleming 
Technical Lead: Shane Bolan  
Participant: Olivia Benson 
Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln