Group Think (Nuclei) is a live particle simulation reminisent of the stadium "wave". the activity is infinitely changing and appears held in an architecture like a stadium without walls. The division between micro and macro is replaced by a peculiar oneness, awe, a sense of echoing similarity between all scales of life; actions from crowds, like starlings swarms, to far off galaxies, or to the internal dancing atomic states.
This piece accompanied a larger exhibition of the same title.
tAL creates perceptual technology to define a unique design methodology. This methodology is intended as a step system which bring a participant into embodiment through their senses, present awareness through their embodiment, and first person witnessing of their sense experience leading to insight, and eventually, the awareness of their awareness.

the Awareness Lab (tAL) Artist / Researcher / Director: Jesse Reding Fleming 
Technical Lead: Shane Bolan 
Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln