Hear Me is a prototype from the Awareness Lab (awarenesslab.io) at the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts, for spatial audio as a embodied bio-feedback system. This simple experiment shows how current and emerging wearable technologies can be oriented towards emerging modes of self discovery in each moment. Movements are highly personalized and habituated in all of us. Using feedback from pitch, yaw, and roll, Hear Me allows for a participant to recognize the patterns of how they hold their head during different states of attention (listening, concentrating, or emotional shifts) or how they change their angle in relationship to their visual perception (meaning turning their head towards where they are looking).
tAL creates perceptual technology to define a unique design methodology. This methodology is intended as a step system which bring a participant into embodiment through their senses, present awareness through their embodiment, and first person witnessing of their sense experience leading to insight, and eventually, the awareness of their awareness.

the Awareness Lab (tAL) Artist / Researcher / Director: Jesse Reding Fleming 
Technical Lead: Shane Bolan 
Audio: Jeff O'Brien
Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln