Seeing one's self seeing allows a participant to experience their visual perception directly for perhaps the first time. It allows for witnessing how we take in the world, as it is bounced back to us, and also masked by the line trace. In addition the trace creates a web of trace or motion tracking over time, and in this web we can witness how our attention, fixation, and behavior can be predicted by our eye movements alone.  
This experience traces the movement of your eyes across your environment. It does so by getting the position and rotation of your eyes, and ray casting from them out into your environment until the hit a piece of spatial mapped geometry created by the head mounted display. From here we use that position data of the focus point of your eyes over time to draw a particle line renderer based on those points in space. Thus, creating a trace of where you look with your eyes, including every micro eye movement picked up by the device. In addition, any movement in your eyes will also trigger a sound cue that will fade if you keep your eyes fixated on a single point. 
TAL creates perceptual technology to define a unique design methodology. This methodology is intended as a step system which bring a participant into embodiment through their senses, present awareness through their embodiment, and first person witnessing of their sense experience leading to insight, and eventually, the awareness of their awareness.

the Awareness Lab (TAL) 
Artist / Researcher / Director: Jesse Reding Fleming 
Technical Lead: Shane Bolan  
Audio Design: Jay Kreimer 
Participant: Ebben Blake 
Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts University of Nebraska-Lincoln